A growing number of people are choosing to teach their children foreign languages, and it isn’t hard to understand why. The earlier the child learns a language, the easier it is for them to become fluent. Being bilingual offers huge advantages, which we have outlined in previous blogs. Some of them include better decision-making, problem-solving, and communication skills, as well as greater academic and professional achievement. At Crossing Borders Preschool, we offer classes in Spanish, French, and Mandarin. Here are the reasons why you should teach your child each of these languages:


Spanish is a popular choice for a foreign language to learn because it is very common in the United States; it is the second most common language after English. It is also a relatively easy language for English speakers to learn because a lot of the vocabulary is similar to English. Additionally, Spanish is phonetic, which means that you pronounce the words as they are written.

Spanish is also a good foundational language for learning more foreign languages. It is a great jumping off point because it is so widespread and simple to learn, the resources out there for people who want to learn how to understand Spanish are endless. Spanish is also a smart choice for the long term, as it is a great language to be bilingual in professionally.

At Crossing Borders Preschool, we offer Spanish immersion programs for preschoolers and kindergarteners because we know how helpful this language can be. We have seen firsthand how Spanish enriches the lives of children. Contact us today to learn more about our Spanish immersion programs.


French is the fourth most common language spoken in the United States. French is also the second most common language in the world. French is the language of choice for international politics, business, and travel because it is so widely used. If you travel anywhere in Europe, chances are, you will run into a French speaker. Additionally, the French language is very prevalent in the global art community. If your child has any interest in travel or art, they may find French to be particularly compelling.

Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin is the main spoken dialect of Chinese. China is steadily becoming an economic and political powerhouse, and as a vastly populated country, it will therefore only become more advantageous to know Mandarin over time. International businesses are already clamoring for Mandarin speakers; by the time your preschooler is old enough to be looking for jobs, it may be practically essential to know Mandarin. Mandarin is also a great language for children to learn because the tones are like a song, lending itself nicely to teaching through music. Additionally, the written language looks like pictures, which can be used to appeal to more visual learners. China also has a rich history as one of the oldest civilizations in the world, which lends itself nicely to storytelling, another gripping way to get children interested in language.

Whether your child participates in our French, Mandarin, or Spanish immersion program, they are certain to reap the benefits of learning a foreign language. Contact Crossing Borders Preschool in Houston today!