We all know that children love to play with cell phones and tablets in today’s modern world.  They’re easy and convenient tech tools that can be used to entertain a child when out and about.  But if a child wants to play with a cell phone, why not get them started with an app that is made to help children learn foreign languages from an early age?  The combination of bilingual preschool and hands-on apps can help your child learn two languages simultaneously.  

Gus on the Go

This app combines creative imagery with intuitive functionality to help kids start learning up to 28 different languages.  The use of fun and interactive games reinforces vocabulary while feeling like play.  The way the app functions helps young children improve their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.  They’ll enjoy listening to native speakers and following along.     

Little Pim

For children as young as six months of age (yes, you read that right), Little Pim utilizes a fully immersive technique to help teach children a second language.  Little Pim combines short videos designed specifically for children with native speakers to introduce children to language.  Instead of popping your child in front of the television, why not let them watch these educational “follow-along” videos?


As an educational language game, Dic-Dic focuses on the spelling, reading, and writing of words across several different languages.  This app, which is intended for children ages three to eight, also helps with fine motor skills.  Between the visuals, sounds, and correction function, Dic-Dic allows children to learn words and their spellings with this simple game.

Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Word Builder

For children three to six years old, Rosetta Stone presents this word builder app.  Though this app only works for English and Spanish, its cute games and structured difficulty make it a great stepping stone for young children.  Through visuals and sounds, children slowly work through English phonetics before moving into Spanish recognition.


This app provides a fun and silly game for children to play in order to practice up to eight different languages.  They combine sentences and images of animals and vehicles through matching to make silly pictures.  Ideal for young children, they’ll learn to recognize basic words and simple word patterns in a second language.

Juana la Iguana en la Granja

This affordable app is solely focused on Spanish and preschool readiness skills.  Using a cute little iguana as their guide, players will utilize skills like counting, matching, and alphabet games in order to work on Spanish language basics.   

Chinese Letter Academy

At Crossing Borders Preschool, we teach Mandarin Chinese in an immersion setting as one of our many options.  This app is great for young children being introduced to written Chinese.  Even better this app is free and excellent at teaching not only character memory but motions related to drawing each character.

Immersion schooling can jumpstart a child’s ability to learn a second language.  Along with attending Crossing Borders Preschool, utilizing a variety of apps at home can reinforce everything a child learns.  So instead of reaching for the TV remote, grab the tablet for your child and let them learn and play away.