At Crossing Borders Preschool, we know that getting a good early childhood education sets you up for success for the rest of your life. That is why we believe it is so important to immerse children in another language before they reach school age. Learning a foreign language benefits them in many ways developmentally speaking, but becoming bilingual can help your child in ways you may not even have considered. It may be hard to imagine now, but one day, your preschooler will be out in the real world, looking for a job. Being bilingual is a skill that will get your child ahead when it comes time to fill out job applications. Here are some jobs for which being bilingual is very helpful that you may not have expected:


Being bilingual is extremely important for writers of all kinds. In creative writing, bilingual writers have a better understanding of a lot of words due to the many languages that have influenced English. They can also translate foreign language works in order to allow new readers to experience them. Additionally, bilingualism is incredibly helpful for journalists, whether they are researching, interviewing, or writing. Bilingual copywriters are also in high demand.


Libraries are important community resources, and in our multicultural society, there is a real need for bilingual librarians. Librarians must engage with both English and non-English speaking patrons. There are often multilingual events at libraries, and materials that need to be ordered in foreign languages. As a resource for a variety of people, being bilingual is very helpful for librarians.

Marketing Executive

As business becomes more global, it is becoming increasingly more important for marketing companies to have multilingual employees. Not only is there the opportunity to market products abroad, even here in the United States, there is a need for marketing executives who can reach Americans consumers who do not speak English. National and international marketing companies alike are very interested in bilingual marketing executives.

Small Business Owner

Being bilingual is also a great boon to those who own small businesses. A bilingual business owner has greater access to more clients, employees, and products, both at home and internationally. Being bilingual allows business owners to write advertisements in multiple languages, attracting a broader consumer base. Additionally, being able to speak a foreign language gives you an edge over the competition in that you can communicate with more customers more easily.

Mental Health Professional

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of bilingual therapists and counselors in many parts of the country. This is especially unfortunate because there are many people in our country who either cannot speak English, or do not speak it well enough to truly express their feelings. A bilingual mental health professional will always be in demand because there will always be a need for someone who can understand people across language barriers.

Regardless of what career path your child eventually chooses, being bilingual can serve as a huge advantage to them. For information about enrolling in our language immersion school in Houston, contact Crossing Borders Preschool today.