At Crossing Borders Preschool, we offer many language immersion programs from which you can choose. Our preschool in Pearland offers spanish immersion classes for preschoolers, and our Houston preschool offers Spanish, Mandarin, French, and English immersion classes. Choosing the right program for your child depends on your personal preferences and that of your child. Regardless of which one you choose, all of our language immersion preschool programs have benefits, but you want to make the right choice for your family. Here are some considerations to make when choosing in which language you would like your child immersed.

What language is spoken around you?

For practical purposes, knowing some languages will serve your child better than others. For example, if one of your parents is Chinese, learning Mandarin will enable your child to better communicate with their grandparent. Not only that, they will have the opportunity to practice this language outside of the classroom. Whether you are close with one individual who speaks a foreign language or you live in a community where one language is prevalent, think about where, when, and with whom your child will have opportunities to use this language.

What language will offer the best opportunities?

In preschool, your child probably does not have career goals yet, but it is still a good idea to think about the opportunities that will open up if your child knows one language over another. For example, being fluent in Spanish will have significant professional advantages in the fields of medicine, customer service, and social work, while being fluent in Mandarin would aid them in international relations and business. It may be too soon to say what career track your child will choose, but the language they learn now may influence their future.

How easy is it to learn this language?

Another factor you may consider when choosing a language immersion program for your child is how difficult the language in question is to learn. If your child finds the language too difficult to learn, this may make it more challenging for them to stick with it later in life. Alternatively, if it doesn’t challenge them, some children would become bored with a language. Consider how the difficulty level of a language will influence your child personally.

Whichever program you choose, Crossing Borders Preschool programs the nurturing environment you need in a language immersion preschool. Contact us today to learn about enrollment.