Many parents are concerned when their child starts a language immersion program with how they will help their child if they do not themselves know the language. Fortunately, you do not have to worry. Even if you do not know the second language your child is learning, you can still play an active role in your child’s schooling. Here are some of our tips for helping your child enrolled in our language immersion preschool:

Read books in the language

Preschoolers love books, and they are a great tool to use to teach your child about a wide variety of topics. One way you can help your child with their language acquisition is by buying books in the foreign language your child is learning to have at home. You may also find it fun to head to your local library every few weeks and picking up new foreign language books. Allow your child to read to you, or brush up on your skills yourself!

Get involved

Being involved in your child’s education is important, even if it is being conducted in another language. While you may not be able to understand it yourself, you can still be involved at school. Talk to your child’s teacher about the lessons they are learning and what you can do to be helpful. Consider volunteering in the classroom one day to get an idea of what your child is learning on a daily basis.

Educate yourself

Additionally, you should educate yourself on how language immersion programs work; specifically, at our language immersion preschool. Reading the research around the success of language immersion programs will also give you the peace of mind that you have made the right decision for your child.

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