As parents, we all want the very best for our children. No matter what their goals or hobbies are, you are likely more focused on their health and success to help ensure a quality life. While it is important to seek out programs and activities that can benefit your little one for the journey ahead, you must also do your research to make sure that every choice you make is truly beneficial. One approach that has led to a wealth of life advantages is the mastering of a language through an immersive program. For more than 18 years, Crossing Borders Preschool has worked to provide quality language immersion programs to Houston children. Our proven program relies on top-trained staff to deliver an ideal learning environment that promotes the values of multiculturalism and working with others across the globe.

While our approach is tailored to provide the most success for young learners, we understand that parents do have reservations about enrolling their child in an immersion school. Today, we’ll continue to discuss common concerns associated with immersion education as well as the strategies our immersion preschool uses for the best success. Be sure to call us today to learn more if you think your child can thrive with the advantages of knowing two or more languages!

Full Immersion Can Be Intense

While our previous blog post highlighted the challenges of learning a second language and the amount of mental space available for learning multiple concepts, language immersion can also prove challenging if your student is not fully up to speed on their language development. While activities such as storytime and role playing can be fun in a second language, more advanced concepts will require more intensive details and explanation. If you are working on the Periodic Table of Elements, for example, the terms used to describe covalent bonds may be harder to understand. This can be especially true if your student is struggling to find the right words to use in an immersed environment!

Crossing Borders Preschool is here to help learners of all skill levels to thrive. We understand that not comprehending the subject matter can be discouraging, especially if your child cannot understand the language it is being explained in! Our child development center focuses on confidence-building activities that help to instill self-value in your child. Our staff will also work with kids to develop learning strategies to help them in future endeavors. We want your little one to thrive in a fully immersed environment!

Bilingual Learning Can Be Costly

The long-term commitment required for full language mastery can be enough to dissuade some businesses from making the investment. As the parent, it will fall on you to decide the best approach to help make your little one multilingual. Starting your child in an immersion preschool is one of the most productive and cost-effective strategies for language mastery, but keep in mind that continual work will be needed for the best results. There are many resources available to help your student, ranging from private tutors to at-home materials and more.

As your Top Rated Local® child care program in Houston, Crossing Borders Preschool is here to equip children with a lifelong passion for learning. Contact us today to see how your star can shine in our affordable and effective program!

School Programs Only Go So Far

As the last point has eluded to, learning a second language requires ongoing training and practice to ensure long-term efficacy and comprehension. Your child’s language development will develop quickly in an immersive environment, but ongoing education and practice are necessary for long-term success. Before you begin this journey with your child, be sure to have a long plan in place to best account for any future lapses in practice. The key to success for language immersion programs is complete immersion, allowing the student to work and play in their target language. One of the best approaches for success at home? Take on the language yourself for ongoing practice!

There are numerous reasons why parents are concerned about the dedication required of immersion education, but the true value of this lifelong skill can prove to be well worth the effort. Crossing Borders Preschool is here to be your trusted resource for language immersion programs in Houston, delivering comprehensive education that builds on the value of working and playing with others across all cultures. Contact us today to learn more or to enroll your little one!