The idea of learning a second language sounds beneficial for many Americans. All across the country, parents are considering enrolling their children in bilingual preschools, elementary programs, and other immersion programs. These institutions provide an in-depth practice that fully involves students in the culture and language of their target program. For more than 18 years, Crossing Borders Preschool has served as such a program, providing Houston children with quality language immersion programs. Our experienced staff focuses on providing quality education and guidance to young children, with the added benefit of doing so in a way that introduces students to the joys of a new language and way of life.

Our proven program is available for children between 18 months and six years of age, with two decades of results. Since our previous post, we’ve fielded responses talking about a few of the concerns parents have had before signing on with our bilingual preschool. If any of these points resonate with you, feel free to contact us today to learn more about our multilingual early childhood development programs!

Myth – Language Immersion Programs are Meant for Those Learning English

The truth is that we do offer English classes for non-native speakers of the country’s most common language, but Crossing Borders Preschool provides other options as well. A large percentage of our students come from English-speaking households with the goal of learning a new language, whether it be Spanish, French, or Mandarin. Our child development center focuses on a curriculum that is meant to foster an excitement for learning, building the groundwork for a lifetime of bilinguality.

Myth – My Child Will Not Excel in English if Immersed in Another Language

One common concern that has come our way is that the immersed student will not learn English in the proper manner. We understand where this thinking comes from, but keep in mind that our program doesn’t start with immediate immersion protocols. Our instructors will work with students of all skill levels to progress into the new language, relying on our native tongue as the starting point. Additional reinforcement comes from friends, family, and teachers outside of lesson times. This will ultimately provide your little one with the ability to think and remember through two languages, expanding memory capacities and creative abilities!

Myth – My Child Will Not Be Able to Keep Up in the Classroom

Learning a new language is supposed to be fun and exciting, not frustrating! Many parents fear the pace and intensity of language immersion programs for their young student, and finding the right child development center can do a lot to increase the benefits of immersion. Crossing Borders Preschool focuses extensively on making lesson times productive for children at all skill levels, taking the steps needed to ensure that no learner falls behind. Struggling to learn can be frustrating, especially if there is a language barrier!

Myth – Language Immersion Can Block Academic Advancement

Placing the development of language skills at the core of our curriculum can lead some parents to think that traditional academics are not a concern. In reality, our bilingual preschool focuses on delivering the same level of academic excellence, just with a new language as the vehicle for conveying these ideas in a new light. Young learners thrive on the confidence they gain from developing new skills, and you’ll be thrilled by the excitement your little one brings home once they begin their bilingual journey. All of our staff members teach to instill pride and excitement in education, promoting academic excellence throughout your child’s future!

Myth – It Won’t Stick Because We Don’t Speak the Language at Home

Many parents are excited to provide the best opportunities for their children, but language development can likely come at a cost for those that only speak their native tongue. If you have decided that a language immersion preschool is perfect for your child, the next steps for your family will be to bring that new language into the home. Many adults enjoy learning a few steps ahead of their little one to provide time for practice and perfection for both parties. If you are unsure of your ability to take on a new language alone, it may prove beneficial for everyone to let your child teach you! Kids love to feel valued, and their new language skills may be the perfect tool for connecting with their engaged parents.

There are many myths surrounding immersion preschools, but Crossing Borders Preschool is here to put your fears to rest. We are proud to provide quality language immersion programs to Houston children with the goal of creating a lifetime of excitement for learning and language development. Contact us today to learn more!