At Crossing Borders Preschool, we are a language immersion school. This means that we saturate our students in the target language through songs, play, individual and group interactions, and other age-appropriate activities. Our students learn foreign languages quicker because they are totally immersed. We know this not only from our personal experience, but from years of research into language immersion programs.

The most commonly researched question about language immersion programs is whether or not they impact the student’s ability to succeed on English language tests. A common fear parents have about immersing their child in another language is whether it will impact their skills in their own language. However, research shows that language immersion programs have no negative effect on students’ success on English standardized tests; in fact, in some cases, they were more successful than their non-immersion peers.

Additionally, studies show that students in immersion programs show greater proficiency in foreign language than those who learn foreign languages in other educational settings, such as a more traditional program in which the language is taught in a separate classroom. Therefore, if you want your child to be bilingual, the best course of action is to enroll them in a bilingual preschool like Crossing Borders.

Language immersion programs are the best way to help your child become bilingual. Being bilingual has numerous benefits, some of which we wrote about in a previous blog. For example, immersing your child in a foreign language enables them to develop better critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills.

At Crossing Borders Preschool, we would love to introduce your child to a new language. For more information about enrollment in our bilingual preschool, contact us today.