Crossing Borders International Preschool offers academic programs in four different languages!

In today’s world, the ability to speak another language gives your child countless opportunities for their future.  Give your child the advantage by enrolling him or her at Crossing Borders International Preschool.

Learn a New Language . . . or Two!

Our language immersion program, coupled with a fun curriculum will give your child the advantage to quickly learn a new language. Within days, most students start to understand words, phrases, and sentences. Shortly thereafter, they begin to speak, answering simple questions and engaging in short conversations. In no time at all, they are on their way to becoming multilingual.

A Diverse Environment

At Crossing Borders, we explore many cultures, providing children with a thorough understanding of other people, their traditions, and their countries. This helps facilitate language learning, and, for many kids, it gives them the desire and confidence to explore other countries and study or work abroad.

Make Friends!

Crossing Borders is a fun place to learn and make new friends. We provide a supportive environment, encouraging students to be open and understanding of others. Often, children become lifelong friends who stay in touch—even when crossing other borders!

Our Vision

Crossing Borders International Preschool aims to become a leading world-class language immersion preschool.

Our Mission

Crossing Borders International Preschool is an elite school where we encourage students to meet academic challenges while developing multilingual children in a competitive environment.

Our Core Values

Positive Environment – We are committed to providing an uplifting and positive environment for our children and staff; a fun learning experience in a secure, safe, and loving environment.

Lead – We are committed to lead; developing, mentoring, and empowering our children and our staff to reach their full potential.

Pursuing Excellence – Work to continually exceed requirements and expectations from parents and staff and demonstrate personal commitment to providing excellent learning programs as well as believing that everything can be improved.  Achieve excellence in maintaining a safe, healthy and clean school.

Team Work – We believe working together results in a stronger organization and outcome.

Integrity and Trustworthiness – We place high priority on building trust and consistently do what we say we will do.  We aim to produce not just great students, but great people who believe in diversity, confidence and integrity.

Our Service Standards

  • Safety first – Every moment at the school I will make sure our students and coworkers are safe.
  • Excellence – I will ensure that all expectations set by Crossing Borders are met in order to provide a higher level of service in my attendance, my duties, and my behavior.
  • Kindness and teamwork – I will always show kindness to parents, to children, and to my coworkers as well as demonstrating my teamwork spirit in a very positive way.
  • Passion – I love my work in every sense as it gives me a purpose and I want to share my language and culture with others. I give 110% all the time.
  • Integrity – I will perform my duties with high standards of integrity.  I will strive to maintain confidentiality, comply with company objectives, policies, procedures, and relevant regulations.

Crossing Borders International Preschool Offers:

  • Language immersion (all day long) in the target language (Spanish, French, English, Mandarin)
    • Native speaking teachers
    • Cultural awareness
  • Social events
    • Examples may include, dance, snake shows, bubbles, bounce house, Daddy-Daughter Dance, Parents Night-Out, St. Valentines, and many more.
  • Parents Events
    • Graduation ceremony, pictures, holiday shows, volunteer work, etc.
  • Extended care programs to accommodate parents with early or late schedules
  • Daily reports
  • Testing and evaluation for children, ages 3 through 6, into kindergarten. Our program enables us to monitor our students’ academic skills and development.