Our English summer program in Houston is offered to students as young as 4 years old, and we go all the way to 17 years old   Children/teens from all over the world come to Crossing Borders to take advantage of our English program with native teachers.

If you have children who need to improve their English level this summer, or you are moving to the States and need your children to be prepared for school, then give us a call at (281) 465-0899! We can help.

We have 15 years of successful teaching experience. We do a great job transitioning students into the English language.

Who Comes to Our Schools?

Children from Russia, China, Venezuela, Italy, Vietnam, Mexico, Romania, Holland, Germany, Colombia, Spain, Brazil, and Argentina take part in this amazing experience at Crossing Borders. We accept children from 4 to 17 years old into our language immersion programs. While some students learn basic vocabulary and numbers, others seek advanced classes due to their higher level of proficiency. Many students enroll in the English program at Crossing Borders simply to improve their communication skills in an American environment. These English classes provide our students with the confidence to speak and socialize comfortably in English.

How Long Do People Stay?

In past years, students have enrolled in our classes for 2 to 8 weeks. They have come directly from their country to be part of this amazing English camp.  They often stay in hotels, rent a temporary apartment, or stay with relatives.

Should I Choose the Summer or Winter?

You choose the time of year that is most convenient for you – our language immersion programs are offered all year long!  Many students enroll at our school to begin their study of English or to improve their existing communication skills. Some students only have the summer to prepare for total immersion in an American school and often take advantage of every free moment to learn about the language and culture.

Whatever your reason is for having your child come to the United States, we know we can help make his/her stay a positive experience! We are expecting a big turnout for 2017 and would love to have your child in our program!

Many parents choose our classes because their children will have the opportunity to learn a new language through our multicultural program. Children not only learn English, they learn traditional American games and songs!  (This will depend on their age and level.)  Yes, all in their new language!  Don’t worry!  They will feel so comfortable and eager to participate that they will not even notice how much they are understanding or how many new words and phrases they are learning.


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