For Children 3 + and Fully Potty-Trained

Crossing Borders International Preschool in Houston offers children the opportunity to learn a second language. Our French preschool immersion program provides kiddos with the support and care to learn a second language in a fun and nurturing environment.

Our balanced curriculum allows little ones to be immersed in a fun and educative way. Working during the mornings with a routine that allows them to learn math, science, art, dictation, reading and writing, and more! Our immersion preschool saves the afternoons for fun activities such as games, dance, and lots of songs!

Working with little ones for over nine years, our curriculum has been proven to teach kiddos a second language successfully!

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Why Choose French Immersion?

There are many reasons as to why your little one should consider learning through our French preschool immersion program:

  • Open new doors — While your child won’t have to travel to the “Ville de L’amour” to benefit the most from learning this new language, French immersion can help to open new doors to our Canadian neighbors. Plus, French is spoken in 52 more countries across the globe!
  • Make a smooth transition — The French language makes up much of our modern English language, allowing your learner to see how connected the planet really is.
  • Enhance first language skills — Learning a second language improves your thought process and enhances your first language. In the early years, this can prove highly beneficial!
  • Learn new cultures — Learning a second language enables individuals to understand life from a new perspective. Your little one will be exposed to an entirely new culture, complete with mannerisms, similar holiday characters, and more.
  • Improve creativity — The ability to think and reason in a second language shows children that there are many ways to approach the same task.
  • Create new opportunities — Not only will our French preschool immersion program make learning a new language fun, it also provides ideal career opportunities in the future.

Ready to learn more?

You can contact us online to schedule your tour to see how our French preschool immersion program in Houston provides ideal results to young learners. 

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