As a parent, you want the very best for your child. Their education, for example, is likely a top priority in your mind, which is why it is important to seek out dynamic and productive learning experiences in order to promote an excitement for learning that lasts a lifetime. Many Texas families elect to enroll their children in bilingual preschools, as these institutions provide an immersive environment to learn the basics before kindergarten, as well as the foundation for an entirely new language. There are many dialects to choose from, including the French language.

If you’re on this post because you’re interested in enrolling your little one in a bilingual learning environment, Crossing Borders Preschool is here to help! We offer Top Rated Local® language immersion programs to extend the value of our valuable child care services. Our dedicated staff loves being able to speak multiple languages, and will imbue this enthusiasm on their students to create a fun and effective learning environment.

We strive to provide the best experiences for young children and their parents. If you’re interested in teaching your child French, keep reading for a few activities that promote this language in an engaging manner.

Bring Back le Jeu du Pendu

Everyone remembers playing Hangman, and while this game may feel morbid these days, it can prove to be a fun learning experience for everyone. You can combine the critical thinking and spelling associated with Hangman with the French language. The fun thing is that this activity is fun, simple, and helpful in allowing students to practice their new language.

Don’t know how to play? Simply come up with a French word (or phrase, for advanced students), make an equal number of dashes on a piece of paper, then draw the stand for your poor paper person. Once the gallows are drawn, allow your child to begin guessing the correct letters (en français). For every incorrect guess, draw a body part, starting with la tête and working your way down to the legs. You can name all of the body parts in French as well. Once the entire person has been drawn (after approximately six guesses, based on how detailed your limbs are), the game is over.

Practice Vocabulary With “Simon Says”

“Simon dit” is an ideal way for burgeoning bilingual speakers to practice and interpret their French language abilities. You can go through a variety of commands with your child, generating fun and excitement while also improving everyone’s speaking and listening skills. Young students love to learn through games, and this process is sure to prove beneficial for your little learner. From “touching your toes and nose” to sitting down, jumping in the air, and more, there’s a nearly endless number of commands to go through in French. Repetition is important in language learning, and Simon Says is the perfect game to help improve your family’s skills.

Tune Into a French Radio Station

One simple way to engage your child in bilingual practice outside of the classroom is to tune into a French radio station, podcast, or YouTube channel. This activity may be frustrating at first for your little student, so be sure to start small. A number of kids’ channels are available, with some providing instruction in both French and English. Once you find the right fit for your little one, be sure to promote a few side activities for the best engagement. You can play Bingo with pre-selected French words, interpret key phrases, or simply write down words that are frequently used. Listening to the language in this informal context can show that there are numerous ways to speak the language.

Enroll in Our French Immersion Program

If you’re excited to help your little one open doors to new cultures and interesting ways of life, then now is the time to start on the right foot. Our immersion preschool in Houston specializes in immersive language learning for children ages 18 months to six years. After more than 18 years of helping Houston children become bilingual, Crossing Borders Preschool is here and ready to provide a proven curriculum that immerses your little one in French, Spanish, Mandarin, English, Arabic, or even Sign Language.

Now may be the perfect time to enroll your child in a French immersion program. Our age-appropriate tasks and activities are all tailored to do one thing — make learning fun! This means that your little one will love their experience at our child development center.

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Our Houston-based language immersion programs are tailored to help children develop a lifetime of excitement for learning and experiencing different cultures, lifestyles, and more. If you’ve always wanted your kid to speak a second language, Crossing Borders Preschool is here to help!

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