Houston is an international city, which means that today’s students will be best prepared for the challenges of adulthood if they have the confidence and skills to excel. If you’re here to provide the best opportunities for your little one, then be sure to consider enrolling them in our Mandarin program for a lifetime of positive results!

Mandarin is spoken by approximately 1.2 billion people worldwide, making it a valuable language for future professionals. In recent years, the prevalence of Mandarin immersion classes has exploded to match the demand for fluent speakers. Crossing Borders Preschool offers quality language immersion programs in Houston to help local children thrive, and we believe that our Mandarin classes are an ideal option for many students.

Begin to Master a New Language

Becoming bilingual can provide a range of opportunities for young students. Learning a new language unlocks new doors, giving your child access to an entirely new world. There are many reasons why people decide to learn a new dialect, with many populations adopting three or more languages into their daily vernacular. 

Help Your Child Become Bi-Cultural

Not only does this life skill provide a range of professional opportunities to excel later on, but your student will also be able to access a whole new culture. Our teachers combine classroom instruction with the target language’s history and background, increasing cultural awareness in the process. Our approach to immersion teaching provides effective learning in a fun format. 

Adhering to Core Curriculums

Crossing Borders Preschool strives to provide quality language immersion programs which adhere to our core curriculum, ensuring that students are properly equipped for grade school activities. Your student will learn about math, science, art, grammar, and more!

Our immersion preschool in Houston delivers proven results, relying on high-quality instruction from native speakers. Crossing Borders relies on full-day language immersion to enhance the experience, and we continue to update parents with daily reports and special attention for those in need of extra help.

The Research is Promising!

Many parents have wondered about the efficacy of a Mandarin immersion preschool, and the results are promising, to say the least. Bilingual speakers score higher on aptitude tests, displaying better cognitive flexibility over those only versed in one language. If you’re curious about the benefits of our program, feel free to contact us online today!

The Modern Benefits of Mandarin Immersion

  • Early advances — Children who began learning a new language at an earlier age tend to perform better. In one Palo Alto news release, it was reported that students learning Mandarin in fourth grade scored about as well as those in AP-level high school courses, with some students outperforming their older counterparts.
  • Enhanced thinking — The ability to think and speak in more than one language helps to improve critical thinking. This improvement helps to enhance a student’s understanding of their native language.
  • Modern versatility — Chinese is the second most prevalent language online. In our modern world, the ability to understand and respond in Mandarin can help to improve understanding and boost self-esteem. 
  • Powerful tools — As a well-known language for business and commerce, speaking Mandarin is slated to be a very powerful skill for future leaders.

Crossing Borders teaches languages to kids in a fun, dynamic way! We make our language classes come alive. Students of all ages will build confidence and lasting friendships through interaction with their peers and our friendly staff. At Crossing Borders, your child will not only learn another language, they will begin to LOVE the language. Don’t wait another day to get your child speaking like a native!