1. Muchas gracias a todo el equipo de Crossing Borders!

    Muchas gracias a todo el equipo de Crossing Borders. Nuestros hijos, Ricardo y Jose Rodrigo, se llevan un gran recuerdo de una escuela en la que aprendieron y se divirtieron mucho!…Read More

    Familia Ramos Villarreal
  2. Wonderful place! ***** (5 stars)

    ***** Wonderful place. Our daughter loved the kind teachers and friends, learned a lot in one year. Would absolutely recommend Crossing Borders to other parents that are looking for a place to develop the language skills of their toddlers.…Read More

    Isabel’s dad, Patrick Kools
  3. Crossing Borders it helped reinforce the Spanish!

    My son is now in 7th grade and having attended Spanish Immersion at Crossing Borders it helped reinforce the Spanish at home and he was able to do great at his Dual Language Elementary School.…Read More

    I.M. Martinez
  4. ***** (5 stars)

    ***** (5 stars) Thank you so much for taking such good care of our baby these past 2 years. Meaghan has been enriched by the people and structure of your school. She leaves with a great base to her education and fully bilingual! Thanks a bunch!…Read More

    Meaghan’s mom and dad.
  5. We loved Crossing Borders!

    We loved Crossing Borders! The teachers were always caring and dedicated to all the kids! Communication to parents were always promptly and informative! Our kid made so many good friends and we saw improvements in the Spanish language really fast. Our son went there for 2 ½ years and we couldn’t be happier with the results of of this school. Thank you Crossing Boarders Staff!…Read More

    Ana Vanessa Valderrama – Joaquin Silva’s mom
  6. Thank you!

    We whole heartedly thank you for your time with Gabriel and everything you all did for him. We remain fans of Crossing Borders.…Read More

    Cristina Gutierrez and Mastian Chand
  7. Two languages. Three children. Four years. A great success!

    As a non-Spanish, non-dual language family, we wanted each of our children, twin sons and a daughter, to have the chance to learn a second language as early as possible. Each started at Crossing Borders in Pre-K4 aged 18 months attending two days a week, through Pre-K, five days a week. If success is simply measured by the ease with which a child will happily do something, Crossing Borders was a h…Read More

    Jon, Kara, Charlie, Harrison & Pip.
  8. This was an OUTSTANDING pre-school for our 4/5yo daughter!

    This was an OUTSTANDING pre-school for our 4/5yo daughter. We went initially with a plan for Spanish classes but when they they were full, we were offered French or Mandarin (Arabic wasn't yet available). My daughter chose French and WOW what a great decision. We don't speak French but as a pediatrician, I know how beneficial learning any second language is in the brain development of a young chil…Read More

    Everly's Mom
  9. We have enjoyed Crossing Borders!

    We have enjoyed Crossing Borders for both our girls and so have they. We have been very impressed with all they have learned. Our oldest daughter is now heading into 3rd grade at a dual language program and doing very well.…Read More

    Mike and Brook Blanco
  10. Five Stars *****

    Five Stars ***** Mi hijo sale siempre muy content y le gustan las actividades que hacen. Ha aprendido mucho en poco tiempo.…Read More

    – Mama de Santos