1. We Love the Spanish Program

    "We love the Spanish program at Pearland.  We love the teachers!  All staff is very friendly and nice.  We love the app and all the pictures we get."    …Read More

    C & E Martinez, Eva's parents.
  2. My Husband and I Want to Thank You!

    Dear Ms. Taylor, My Husband and I want to thank you, the staff and teachers for everything they have done for our daughters. We have enjoyed the services that Crossing Borders has provided since last year. Sincerely,…Read More

    Mitra Hanjani - July and Hannah's parents - Houston
  3. My Daughter Loves Coming to School

    My daughter loves coming to school, she always tells me what she learns and how much fun she had.  We started in August 2016 and today is February 2017 and she now speaks to me in Spanish and I don't speak Spanish at all.…Read More

    Jazelle's Mom
  4. So kind and nurturing

    Miss Naoual was so kind and nurturing this morning - She made it that much easier to leave my teary little boy on his first day of school. He had a wonderful first day! On the drive home, I put on my French CD, and he said, "Like my school??" And he said he really liked Miss Naoual! Patric and I peeked into the window at After-Care before picking him up and were so thrilled to see him participatin…Read More

    Alia Rdissi
  5. I could not say enough good things

    I could not say enough good things of Ms. Elena Diaz. She had made the enrollment and transition for my son Cameron (Lee) for Mandarin Immersion class, much easier with her help. Ms. Coralie had assisted me too and I appreciate that. I' m glad you have some very responsive people at the school.…Read More

  6. Highly Recommend the Spring Location

    Spring Parent
  7. Very happy with the staff

    Pearland Parent
  8. Easy to work with!

  9. Wonderful place for our son

  10. We are grateful for the experience at Crossing Borders

    Both of my sons have had a great experience at the Spring location. They are greeted with love and dismissed with love....all in Spanish! They are also sent home with weekly vocab lists they have worked on during the week so we can continue it at home. We are grateful for the experience at Crossing Borders in Spring.…Read More

    Shannon Versland