1. Crossing Borders was a great experience!

    Doug Overman
  2. The teachers are amazing!

    Our son started attending Crossing Borders at the age of 2 because we had noticed that he was not verbalizing as much as he should. 3-4 months after starting he was talking and singing in Spanish. This is not a daycare were all the kids do is play, this is a school with daily educational curriculum that has enhanced our sons Spanish vocabulary and knowledge along with play time which he loves. The…Read More

    Karla Maldonado Coello, Roberto’s mom
  3. We are very impressed!

    We are very impressed by the amount of Mandarin Jui has learned in her short time in the classroom. Our two older children attend the Mandarin Immersion Magnet School (3rd and 4th Grade) and are impressed by what she has learned, the tone that she speaks in and the words that she knows. The boys actually have told me some of what she has learned are things that they didn't learn until 1st grade. S…Read More

    Sheetal Patel
  4. Thank you so much for everything!

    Thank you so much for everything. You and your staff are doing an excellent job. Roberto has really learn and progress thanks to you all. We plan on coming back in about 2 years once our new baby is old enough. We really love Crossing Borders. Again thank you for everything!…Read More

    Karla Maldonado Coello
  5. It is with great sadness that we say goodbye as this has been our second home for the past five years of our lives!

    It is with great sadness that we say goodbye as this has been our second home for the past five years (if you include Marcus years too!) of our lives. Thank you so very much to the Crossing Borders team for all of your love, nurture, and education during our time here. You always made my kids feel safe and cared for. I can honestly say that my sons were very happy at this school. Nikolas even asks…Read More

    The Untalans
  6. “The staff are excellent at listening to their parents”

    *When my husband and I set out to find a school for our son we were very reluctant. After all we were entrusting our precious child with complete strangers ALL DAY! On our child’s first day at Crossing Borders he was 2 years old and we dropped him off still feeling nervous but with a peace that he would be well cared for by the staff. It’s now three years later and our son speaks and READS flu…Read More

    Dylan and Dean’s mom
  7. A Happy Daughter is a Happy Mommy!!!

    Good Afternoon, Just wanted to send a quick email on my appreciation for the work that is taking place in Ms. Lilly classroom, as well as the school wide culture and climate which is simply Amazing! J My daughter Nayah enjoys coming to school each and every day and I can definitely see the level of mastery with her Spanish and other instructional skills that are facilitated by Ms. Lilly along with…Read More

    Torrye Hooper
  8. Thanks to you and your teachers for all of the hard work! We are so thrilled!

    Macy had her dual language testing on Friday for Mark Twain and on Saturday for Wharton. I was nervous because the parents told me that the testing for Mark Twain is harder. Anyway, Macy did her testing and the coordinator at Mark Twain was so impressed. She came out and told me that Macy's Spanish was really good. She was so impressed with Macy's Spanish speaking skills during the testing that sh…Read More

  9. We are so glad we found this school!

    Our son has been attending CB for almost a year and a half. He started the day after he turned 18 months and he enjoys going to school everyday. We are so glad we found this school! Here are the non-academic things I love about CB: - Students are very diverse. - Staff/Teachers know the students' names and recognize parents' faces. - Staff/Teachers will respond to your emails, messages, any concern…Read More

    Mrs. Catalo
  10. Appreciating all you do!

    Our son is enjoying school and what lovely and hardworking staff you have at Crossing Borders! Wish we started him sooner than later. He is really learning a new language fast and having much fun at school. Thank you for all you do. …Read More

    Mary DL, Parent