1. We have truly enjoyed our time at Crossing Borders!!!

    We have truly enjoyed our time at Crossing Borders and Javier has blossomed academically and socially so much in the 2 and half years he’s attended. Hopefully baby Santiago can be a student in the future. Thank you all for all that you have done to make our experience wonderful.…Read More

    Mary & Javier Carrillo
  2. Crossing Borders has proven to be an advantageous program to be a part of!

    I have been giving an oral Spanish assessment for the past twenty-three years at Mark Twain Elementary School in an effort to determine if the student is a fluent Spanish speaker. For many years we have had applications from students that were attending Crossing Borders seeking entrance into the dual language program. Over the past three years, I have noticed a significant difference in the amount…Read More

    Graciela Martinez - Dual Language Coordinator
  3. We absolutely love it!!

    My child has been at Crossing Borders in the 18 month Spanish program and we absolutely love it!! I speak from experience as a former nanny, pre-k teacher, gymnastics & swimming coach and kids center vice president. I am a very picky parent and in all honesty this is the third program my son has been enrolled in, and we are here to stay! The teachers, aides, directors, and owner all know my so…Read More

    RJ’s mom
  4. ❤️❤️❤️

    We love Crossing Borders ❤️❤️❤️…Read More

    Everly Barber's mom
  5. We have enjoyed the school!

    Thank you Elvia! We have enjoyed the school and don’t want Liliane to leave. Having Lily fluent in 3 languages is very valuable in our diverse city so she must move on. Crossing Borders will be missed deeply. All the teachers where extraordinarily kind and knowledgeable.…Read More

    Liliane Garza’s mom
  6. We are so sad to be leaving!!!

    We are so sad to be leaving and have loved the school and his teachers. We really wish we weren’t moving and appreciate all you’ve done for him!…Read More

    Chris Faber
  7. For the Crossing Borders Team!

    For the Crossing Borders Team, “A teacher deserves more than just Thank You”. Thanks a lot to Miss Elvia, Miss Cecilia, Miss Zeina and special thanks to Miss Mariana and Miss Elba for all the love, care, support and kindness you show to our kids. Thank you!…Read More

    T. Aareez and Z. Ameer
  8. Deciding factor for us when choosing a preschool!

    My children have attended CB since September. We have really enjoyed watching them grow and learn a new language. They sing many songs which helps them to learn the words and make learning fun. My kids' teachers are great and very involved. We have coordinated well on any subjects the kids need more work with or practice. The tuition is very reasonable considering it also includes before and after…Read More

    Brittany B.
  9. My daughters have been attending this great school!

    My daughters have been attending this great school for the last year. I can't say enough about their professionalism and quality of education. Expect a very diverse student body where your children can have a wonderful introduction to education. If you have doubts my best recommendation is to pay them a visit. Thank you CB!…Read More

    Yassir S.
  10. All of you have cared for my son very well!

    All of you have cared for my son very well. It has been an absolute pleasure to send our son to your service and see him growing intellectually and physically.…Read More

    – Ethan’s parents, Hye young & Kyu Kim