1. Two languages. Three children. Four years. A great success!

    As a non-Spanish, non-dual language family, we wanted each of our children, twin sons and a daughter, to have the chance to learn a second language as early as possible. Each started at Crossing Borders in Pre-K4 aged 18 months attending two days a week, through Pre-K, five days a week. If success is simply measured by the ease with which a child will happily do something, Crossing Borders was a h…Read More

    Jon, Kara, Charlie, Harrison & Pip.
  2. This was an OUTSTANDING pre-school for our 4/5yo daughter!

    This was an OUTSTANDING pre-school for our 4/5yo daughter. We went initially with a plan for Spanish classes but when they they were full, we were offered French or Mandarin (Arabic wasn't yet available). My daughter chose French and WOW what a great decision. We don't speak French but as a pediatrician, I know how beneficial learning any second language is in the brain development of a young chil…Read More

    Everly's Mom
  3. We have enjoyed Crossing Borders!

    We have enjoyed Crossing Borders for both our girls and so have they. We have been very impressed with all they have learned. Our oldest daughter is now heading into 3rd grade at a dual language program and doing very well.…Read More

    Mike and Brook Blanco
  4. Five Stars *****

    Five Stars ***** Mi hijo sale siempre muy content y le gustan las actividades que hacen. Ha aprendido mucho en poco tiempo.…Read More

    – Mama de Santos
  5. We were looking for a daycare that would provide diverse background!

    We are not native English speakers and we were looking for a daycare that would provide diverse background. Crossing Borders was a natural fit for us. It is not an easy job to take care of kids from different cultural backgrounds in a such young age given some are not even speaking yet. But consistency of good everyday care and mental stimulation in the classroom of Ms. Gladys and Ms. Adriana has …Read More

    Daniel’s parents
  6. We have truly enjoyed our time at Crossing Borders!!!

    We have truly enjoyed our time at Crossing Borders and Javier has blossomed academically and socially so much in the 2 and half years he’s attended. Hopefully baby Santiago can be a student in the future. Thank you all for all that you have done to make our experience wonderful.…Read More

    Mary & Javier Carrillo
  7. Crossing Borders has proven to be an advantageous program to be a part of!

    I have been giving an oral Spanish assessment for the past twenty-three years at Mark Twain Elementary School in an effort to determine if the student is a fluent Spanish speaker. For many years we have had applications from students that were attending Crossing Borders seeking entrance into the dual language program. Over the past three years, I have noticed a significant difference in the amount…Read More

    Graciela Martinez - Dual Language Coordinator
  8. We absolutely love it!!

    My child has been at Crossing Borders in the 18 month Spanish program and we absolutely love it!! I speak from experience as a former nanny, pre-k teacher, gymnastics & swimming coach and kids center vice president. I am a very picky parent and in all honesty this is the third program my son has been enrolled in, and we are here to stay! The teachers, aides, directors, and owner all know my so…Read More

    RJ’s mom
  9. ❤️❤️❤️

    We love Crossing Borders ❤️❤️❤️…Read More

    Everly Barber's mom
  10. We have enjoyed the school!

    Thank you Elvia! We have enjoyed the school and don’t want Liliane to leave. Having Lily fluent in 3 languages is very valuable in our diverse city so she must move on. Crossing Borders will be missed deeply. All the teachers where extraordinarily kind and knowledgeable.…Read More

    Liliane Garza’s mom