1. Blessings!

    "To all the Crossing Borders Team, Thank you so much for all your support and all the love and dedication you give to my Mia.  Blessings! "  - Sanchez Family …Read More

    Sanchez Family
  2. Thank you!

    We Thank You for all the wonderful work you do!  Love Broddon family …Read More

    Broddon Family
  3. The staff is amazing!!!

    My son has been a student here for over 2 years and our daughter just started. The staff is amazing-- responsive, sensitive and communicative. Their use of Brightwheel has been perfect for communicating up to date info on the kids. My daughter's first day in the 18m class I got wonderful pictures, video and messages throughout the day that put me at ease. Academically we have been beyond impressed…Read More

    Mrs. Matos
  4. CB is more of a community rather than a business!

    It feels weird to leave a review for CB as it is more of a community rather than a business, and one does not leave reviews for community. My son has been attending CB for some time now. We came from another pre-school that I wasn't entirely happy with. The staff in CB is warm and caring, they genuinely love their kids and enjoy being there. My son love being in CB as well, he doesn't want to leav…Read More

  5. “Momma Bear”

    good morning, I wanted to thank both of you for providing a wonderful school for Trevor. he has really loved it!! also want to thank Zeina for putting up with me on my "Momma Bear" day---I know that you guys are aware moms don't get any sleep. But I respect and appreciate you guys for being there for me, my son and taking care of him. Thanks for your HARD WORK on those not so fun days of dealing w…Read More

    Christina Pastrana
  6. Amazing Pictures!

    Hi! I just wanted to say how appreciative I am of these gorgeous photos. I have some friends whose schools used a national chain, and those photos turned out pretty horrendous. This ended up saving us time and money vs. having professional photos done ourselves. We've shared Carter's with friends and family and they were so impressed. Anyways, thank you for finding such a wonderful photographer!! …Read More

  7. Our family has LOVED being a part of this school!

    Our family has LOVED being a part of this school. Our son is in the Spanish Immersion program. Our daughter will be starting the same next month and the process was easy. They went out of their way to be sure that both our kids could attend his school year together despite the waiting list due to all the new interest. Thank you Ms. Coralie and Mrs. Zeina! We look forward to a great year and more t…Read More

    Rebekah Klarberg Matos
  8. She is so kind and loving with the children!

    "We were a bit worried about how our son would adapt to school, and thanks to Ms. Jennifer it has been much easier than we expected. She is so kind and loving with the children and my son took to her right away. Ms. Jennifer quickly made the very short list of people that he likes! We find that the environment is stimulating, the outside activities are wonderful and he is coming home using new Spa…Read More

    Karen Bednarski
  9. It was an honor to be part of it!

    Being part of the Crossing Borders Team has been a privilege for me. Since I was invited to be part of this great preschool I just felt the connection with my smart, lovely students, and with the wonderful staff. As a teacher, I adored my students and was delighted to watch them grow their Spanish language skills. My students gave me very special moments and each one of them is still in my heart. …Read More

    Elena Diaz
  10. Our Experience has been Fantastic!

    Our kid attended Pre-k English for a year at crossing borders and our experience has been fantastic. We couldn't take advantage of the multi language classes they have because our kid wanted to be with his friends and his teacher in english class but he has learnt a lot over the last year. His teacher, Ms Danielle, is one of the best and the kids love her and her classes. The teachers and the staf…Read More

    Mr. Karthik