1. Crossing Borders has grown and evolved over the years!

    Having moved from a city where we didn't have a language immersion preschool option, we were excited to find a school that met our bilingual desires. As with any school, Crossing Borders has grown and evolved over the years. My son has thrived thanks to his amazing teacher (Ms. Lily) and thanks to the academic program the school has instated, as well as all the new staff they have added in order t…Read More

  2. I’ll send my daughter to this school for as long as possible!

    My daughter has been going to Crossing Border Preschool in Rice Village since 18 months of age and she is now turning 3 in August. While my initial thoughts were that the school was a bit disorganized, the leadership of the school's director, Zeina Saleh, and her staff has evened out any issues. My daughter goes to French three times a week and Spanish twice and can code switch better than ever be…Read More

    Ines's mom
  3. Crossing Borders will always have a special place in our hearts!

    Crossing borders will always have a special place in our hearts as it is the first school Karthik has attended. As you already know, he is very picky but there wasn't even a single day when he said he didn't want to go to school. That's a testament to how great everything is at your school and how well the kids are treated and taught. On behalf of all my family members, I wish you and Crossing Bor…Read More

  4. 5 years and are very happy with our decision to send our boys here.

    We have been attending CB for the past 5 years and are very happy with our decision to send our boys here. I can never give enough praise to the teachers here. They are the most warming, interactive, and loving teachers you could ever ask for. When my oldest son first started attending the school, he would initially cry during drop offs and it was very hard on me. But the teachers would embrace hi…Read More

    Monica U
  5. Couldn’t have found a better school!

    Couldn't have found a better school for our two kids (2 and almost 4)!!! They have been going here since July and our oldest is speaking great English now! Our family's primary language is Spanish. They didn't know any English before starting school in Crossing Boarders. Our youngest understand English very well, although his vocabulary isn't an extensive one (not even in Spanish). We HIGHLY recom…Read More

    Sofia Meyer
  6. French Immersion Program

    My son has been in Crossing Borders Rice Village location in Ms. Naoual's French class, and we have been very happy with it. Ms. Naoual is incredibly sweet and nurturing and that has helped my son's separation anxiety issues - he would cry when I would drop him off, but she was always comforting, and within a couple of minutes, he was fine. Now he doesn't cry at all when I drop him off and is exci…Read More

    Alia Rdissi
  7. We Love the Spanish Program

    "We love the Spanish program at Pearland.  We love the teachers!  All staff is very friendly and nice.  We love the app and all the pictures we get."    …Read More

    C & E Martinez, Eva's parents.
  8. My Husband and I Want to Thank You!

    Dear Ms. Taylor, My Husband and I want to thank you, the staff and teachers for everything they have done for our daughters. We have enjoyed the services that Crossing Borders has provided since last year. Sincerely,…Read More

    Mitra Hanjani - July and Hannah's parents - Houston
  9. My Daughter Loves Coming to School

    My daughter loves coming to school, she always tells me what she learns and how much fun she had.  We started in August 2016 and today is February 2017 and she now speaks to me in Spanish and I don't speak Spanish at all.…Read More

    Jazelle's Mom
  10. So kind and nurturing

    Miss Naoual was so kind and nurturing this morning - She made it that much easier to leave my teary little boy on his first day of school. He had a wonderful first day! On the drive home, I put on my French CD, and he said, "Like my school??" And he said he really liked Miss Naoual! Patric and I peeked into the window at After-Care before picking him up and were so thrilled to see him participatin…Read More

    Alia Rdissi