1. Crossing Borders has been an amazing preschool!

    Crossing Borders has been an amazing preschool for my little one. She’s been there a little over a year and has truly blossomed since being a student there. She loves going every day and has a strong connection to her teachers. She is in the Spanish Toddler class and Ms. Lily has really sharpened my daughter’s strengths as well as reinforced areas where she needed an extra push. Ms. Lily is pa…Read More

    Katy Cox
  2. Good classmates, great teachers and fun activities!

    We sent our sons to crossing borders and they had great experiences. Good classmates, great teachers and fun activities. My youngest is learning a lot of Spanish and he loves soccer there, too. We recommend the crossing borders experience!…Read More

    Mrs. Wollmer
  3. I feel honored to have my daughter at Crossing Borders Preschool!

    As a parent, I feel honored to have my daughter at Crossing Borders Preschool International. This was the first school for my daughter who began at 18 months and has flourished in the language of Spanish. I'm even more excited to have my daughter retain her enrollment at the same school until the age of 4. I've seen growth in the school towards safety and instruction and I can definitely say, when…Read More

    Banks Family
  4. make this school so amazing!

    I come from China. Last year I came to Houston with my lover and child RAN for the first time on September 1st. At the beginning, we didn't know which school I should send RAN to. When we first came to this school, we were attracted by the kind teachers and the school building, and we sent the child here school. The following experience shows that our decision is correct. Now RAN is very happy her…Read More

    Ran Ren
  5. We’ve been with you for 7 years!

    I can’t believe it. We’ve been with you for 7 years. It’s been so wonderfully enriching and a safe and caring environment for our children. Thank you. Claire – Cameron and Charlotte’s mom…Read More

  6. This is such a wonderful place!

    This is such a wonderful place! We have been at Crossing Borders Preschool for 2 years now. My daughter started out in the Spanish program, she is completely fluent in Spanish. She speaks and understands everything. This year we decided to transfer her into the Mandarin Chinese program and literally after the first week of learning a brand new language she came home singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Litt…Read More

    Lauren Murland
  7. Crossing Borders and his wonderful teachers!

    “Justin and I are really torn up about leaving the school (since Carter doesn't quite grasp the concept yet!) -- Crossing Borders and his wonderful teachers and classmates have provided a wonderful, nurturing experience for Carter. Watching him learn and grow during this time gives us (and Carter) so much joy, and his new school in Kansas will have a high bar to beat come fall!” Best, Jenni, C…Read More

  8. Crossing Borders was a great experience!

    Doug Overman
  9. The teachers are amazing!

    Our son started attending Crossing Borders at the age of 2 because we had noticed that he was not verbalizing as much as he should. 3-4 months after starting he was talking and singing in Spanish. This is not a daycare were all the kids do is play, this is a school with daily educational curriculum that has enhanced our sons Spanish vocabulary and knowledge along with play time which he loves. The…Read More

    Karla Maldonado Coello, Roberto’s mom
  10. We are very impressed!

    We are very impressed by the amount of Mandarin Jui has learned in her short time in the classroom. Our two older children attend the Mandarin Immersion Magnet School (3rd and 4th Grade) and are impressed by what she has learned, the tone that she speaks in and the words that she knows. The boys actually have told me some of what she has learned are things that they didn't learn until 1st grade. S…Read More

    Sheetal Patel