1. This Year is going Excellent

    This year is going excellent.  Emily is learning a lot.  Ms Julianna is phenomenal… acade-mically and socially.  Emily's use of the Spanish language has grown tremendously. Thanks!”…Read More

    Emily’s mom  
  2. They want the best for our children

    Since our two daughters have started attending Crossing Borders they have learned important social skills.  Specifically, one daughter who is reserved has really opened up and gained beautiful confidence.  The younger daughter is still vibrant and outgoing but is learning to play nicely with the other students and respect boundaries.  We attribute this to the care and guidance of the teachers a…Read More

    Anne Marie Thompson
  3. Great Management

    Ms. Lily is the best! I don't normally write reviews, but the management set up this competition for the teachers - whoever got the most excellent reviews wins. I like Ms. Lily so much I had to do it. Go Ms. Lily!…Read More

    Laura Schroeder
  4. Lo recomiendo 100%

    Mi hijo de 2 años Simon entro en Enero de 2015 a Crossing Borders con el objetivo de aprender Ingles. Toma la mitad de clases en Ingles y las otras en Español. Realmente hemos visto un gran avance en su aprendizaje y lo mas importante de todo. Cuentan con un equipo humano formidable. DaMonica. La profe de Simon es super amable, paciente y una excelente profesora. No podria pedir mas!!! Lo recomi…Read More

    Carlos Alberto Guzman
  5. My husband and I are so impressed

    Ms. Emilia and Crossing Borders are doing such an amazing job with our daughter. My husband and I are so impressed with how much she has learned in such a short period of time. She comes home and can name all of her alphabets, sounds of the alphabets, and she is constantly screaming out letters whenever she sees them anywhere....all in less than 4 months and she’s not even two yet.…Read More

    Nimi Tuamokumo
  6. I’ve Had a Great Experience!

    I've had a great experience with Crossing Borders and my son's teachers. Miss Maria (no longer there...still makes me sad) was my first teacher and she truly loved my 2 year old as her own. Now, I'm with Miss Flor and she's been our teacher for almost a year. She's super sweet and goes a great job of getting the kids engaged. To me, she seems like a very sweet soul! My 18mth old loves her and I'm …Read More

    Kimberly Dennison
  7. Lo Recomiendo 100%

    Mi hijo de 4 años Alejo entro en Enero de 2015 a Crossing Borders con el objetivo de aprender Ingles. Toma la mitad de clases en Ingles y las otras en Español. LLega todos los dias con algo Nuevo, Canciones en ingles, Esta semana la saco del estadio. El hermanito de 2 años le pidio que le compartiera un dulce. Y el le contesto en Ingles (Just One) y asi todos los dias es una historia diferente.…Read More

    Juliana Olivares
  8. Highly Recommended School

    My son Cooper joined the school almost 18 months ago. Im so glad and happy about the awesome job they have been done with him. His Spanish is being improving every day and he is always happy going to school. Ms Lili his morning teacher is so sweet and profffesional, all the time telling me Cooper's improvments. Ms. Gladys #2 and Dora both of them the afternoon teachers are adorable. I dont have an…Read More

    Iliana Gomez Rodriguez
  9. My Son Loves It!

    Ms. Amy in Mandarin program is a great teacher and my son LOVES her. She truly cares for each student and pays attention to what he/she needs. My son has learned so much from her and most importantly, he's really happy there. He can't wait to go to school every morning!…Read More

    Mei Yee Ku
  10. The Best Preschool

    This is the best preschool experience I have had in the eight years of being a parent. I've always felt that other preschools in which we were enrolled could be doing more than social development...but they did not. At crossing Borders my daughter has gained social and academic development while being submerged in the spanish language curriculum. What a great place to get the language exposure as …Read More

    Kimberly Murphy